Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What happened in 2010?

Well in twenty ten I turned twenty here is 21 things I accomplished in Twenty Ten! No looking back! (Think of Lot`s Wife in the Bible!)
1.) I took a trip that lasted six months to California
2.) I worked at a Children`s Clothing Company at Fashion Island
3.) I was a children`s Fitness Coach
4.) I started my massage therapy program
5.) I got in my first car wreck where my car was totaled
6.) Caused my parents Grief
7.) I was able to earn a spot as the African American Senator (lol: pillar of salt)
8.) I built a house for Habitat for Humanity in Ventura County
9.) I was on the Doctor Phil Show (audience-but hey you saw me!)
10.) I went to the Newport Temple for the first time
11.) I watch  the Gila Valley Temple Dedication in Thatcher, Arizona
12.) I went to the Las Angeles Temple for the first time and had my first diddy reise!
13.) I went to my first Angel`s Baseball game (and they won!)
14.) I went snowboarding for the first time and even took a class
15.) I learned to repel, rock climb, and even went cross country skiing
16.) I found out that I am going to be a aunt for the 7th time!
17.) I Wreaked havoc and caused Chaos in three states
18.) I met the greatest people ever just by playing Flag Football for a Relief Society Team
19.) I won my first Ugly Sweater Contest (And the prizes were outstanding!)
20.) I went into debt and got out! (pillar of salt!)
21.) I finished a year! And started a new one!

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