Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Confessions

1.) When I`m alone (or atleast I think I am alone) I like to lie on the floor of my bathroom and sing Celine Dion at the top of my lungs...
2.) I sometimes dream that My MT practice and development professor is my Father in Law.
3.) I sometimes wake up in the morning and hum christmas songs, even in July.
4.) I hate when people snore loud. I just can`t handle it. I don`t know if I snore, but, I can`t hear myself....and so that`s just dandy!
5.) I may have a mini crush on Indie Aarie`s and Lauren Hills Voice...
6.) I think about food and hair when I`m kissing people...
7.) I hate wearing clothes....and my neighbors know this because I also hate walking over to my window and closing the curtains.
8.) I cried like a baby watching Toy Story 3...
9.) I never do checks for breast cancer...
10.) Even though I say I hate a song on the radio, for some reason I still turn it up AND jam when I hear it on the radio.
11.) I can`t dance or sing!
12.) Even though I don`t dress up very often or look like I try too hard, I do enjoy being a girl and getting all dolled up.
13.) I have kissed a total of 21 boys in my lifetime..which averages to 1.75 (yea...75...that`s 3/4th of a boy! Which is about kisses per year since I was 12...That`s pretty dang 
14.) I do believe in the whole idea of friends, lovers, or nothing...there will never be a in give it up.
15.) I hate to be touched...and I hate PDA. But, I love massage therapy!?
16.) Feet are weird to me...and I am not a fan!
17.) Socks and sandals are a NO for me..
18.) I generally fall for boys with Frohawks...
19.) I have never broken a bone...
20.) I sometimes get bored watching football on TV....
21.) I pierced my belly button with my best friend when I was in Junior ourselves....
22.) I used to have a willow tree in my yard and I used to talk to it and pretend it was Grandmother willow.
 23.) I talked to my self ALOT when I was little...but it was because I had a GREAT imagination.
24.) I have self esteem issues that I block out by eating double stuffed oreos.
25.) Boys are dumb...sometimes! ;0)

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